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Dan Vespa

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So You Have an Acoustic Neuroma?...A Tale of Two Surgeries

So You Have an Acoustic Neuroma?…A Tale of Two Surgeries chronicles my journeys from finding out I had an Acoustic Neuroma to the surgeries I had and all the stops I made in between. From talking to several medical professionals, I gained valuable information about this tumour. It enabled me to make the decisions I made about the treatments choices that left me how I am today. I would like to share that information with you. I wish I had all this information available in one place when I was first diagnosed. Now it is.

My journey was 10 years and over 10,000 miles traveled in the making. I spoke with at least 10 medical professionals (Surgeons, Neurologists, ENT’s) and explored all of the techniques in great detail used to treat this tumour. I chose two different surgery techniques but that was my journey....

I hope this eBook helps you or someone you know make informed choices on your journey.

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